“Porque yo no soy más que una rendija por la que atisbo y veo.”

-Ramón Gómez de la Serna-

Artist dedicated to the world of acting, the theater of masks, puppets, objects, juggling and stage direction.

He began in the world of performing arts in Alicante, his hometown, getting involved in various circus activities where he woke up his vocation as a juggler and his concern to train professionally as an artist.

His apprenticeship as juggler started at the Alicante Circus Association “Donyet Ardit” and continues with Maksim Komaro, Sean Gandini, Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Stefan Sing and Miguel Solano, getting focused in working with rings, clubs, balls and bouncing balls . Andrés Hernández and Mar Navarro (direct disciple of Jacques Lecoq) begin his theatrical training in Madrid. Afterwards, he studied the Interpretation and Visual Theater course at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. At the same time, He holds pantomime, dance, singing, comedy of art, clown and vocal technique seminars, among others, with teachers such as: Jesús Jara, Moshe Kohen, Silvia Mira, Patricia Krauss, Berty Tovias. Interested in pedagogy, he studied music teaching in order to apply what he learned in the theater.

His first steps as a stage director at a professional level came with the show “Potted” of La Trócola Circ, and later he directed others as “De todas las bellas las más bellotas” of the Cía. Aérea Teatro, “Emportats” of La Trócola Circ, “Seu-te!” of the Cía. Acrobàcia Mínima, or “YOLO” a production of the Escalante Theater of Valencia, among others.

His curriculum includes innumerable interventions as an actor, juggler, puppet manipulator, teacher, advisor and director of performing arts in prestigious shows, fairs and festivals nationally and internationally. As well as several awards and recognitions to his talent and his creations.


Lucas Escobedo has participated in a wide repertoire of theater plays, circus shows and movies for cinema and television, as well as actor, juggler or puppet manipulator.



The stage direction takes prominence in his professional career through the circus, where the role of the director is increasingly relevant.


“La belleza, si es que aparece en mi obra, no es un objetivo primordial. Lo que sí persigo es la reflexión que el público puede hacer del entorno en el que vivimos a partir de unas imágenes.”

-Chema Madoz-