Fear has never been a good counselor, yet it is often what moves us to action.
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PAÜRA is a comedy show. We shake hands with PAÜRA and take her as our companion on a stage adventure for all audiences with live music.

Fear has never been a good advisor and yet it is often what moves us to action. Fear exists and cohabits in each one of us; we wish we didn't feel it, but we carry it inside us.

We enter into the language of the clown, to talk about fear with laughter and poetry. A theatrical concert. A musical piece full of hilarity.

The Valencian Institute of Culture has collaborated by contributing 40,926€ for the production of this show thanks to the aid program to promote the performing arts for the theater and circus sector.

Artistic sheet

Direction: Lucas Escobedo.

Director assistant: Joan Cusó.

Dramaturgy: Lucas Escobedo.

Musical direction and composition: Raquel Molano.

Performers: Lucas Escobedo, Raquel Molano, Alfonso Rodríguez and Marta Sitjà.

Voices in off: Amaia, Xabi y Mikel

Art and costume designer: Paloma Bravo.

Collaboration in props designing and construction: Escuela Municipal de Arte y Diseño de Terrassa.

  Project coordination and design: Mireia Romero.

  › Students: Lídia Alcántara, Selena Alcívar, Cecília Canal, Jael Cervantes, Anna Romero, Mikel Hortal, Martí Aguilera.

  Teachers: Antoni Hernández, Xon Utset and Martí Romero.

Lighting Design: Juanjo Llorens.

Tour technician: Rubén Franco.

Sound design and touring technician: Óscar Guzman.

Acting consultant: Mar Navarro.

Advising voice: Christian Atanasiu.

Magic adviser: Juan Paños.

Production manager: Iruña Iriarte - Lucas Escobedo Company.

Distribution: Amadeo Vañó.

Graphic design: Ana Córdoba.

Photography: Gaby Merz

Acknowledgements: Rolando Sanmartín, Blanca Escobedo, Julia Pastor Monllor, Espacio Entre Comillas, Eduardo Aguirre, Juan Molano, Arantxa Barbeira, Casa de Cultura Giralt Laporta de Valdemorillo, Centro Cultural Paco Rabal de Madrid.



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