The Handymen – Los Mañas

An endearing absurd world full of setbacks and clumsiness.
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The Handimen - Los Mañas have arrived in your neighborhood. They come equipped with everything necessary to repair what is needed. A whole life dedicated to the maintenance of infrastructures and the settlement of incidents, has turned them into true "hands", professionals, an infallible duo forged over the years of a trade that proudly wield. MacGyver at his side is an amateur.

However, do not get carried away by the first impression; behind these characters are many surprises. The Handimen - Los Mañas offer an absurd humor full of tripping, moments of magic, witty choreography, and scenes loaded with tenderness created for the enjoyment of the public. Go outside and look for them. You can find them anywhere doing theirs.

Artistic sheet

Direction and Original Idea: Lucas Escobedo. </ p>

Assistant director: Raquel Molano. </ p>

Creation: Lucas Escobedo. </ p>

Performers: Lucas Escobedo, Isabel Bisshopp, Esther D'Andrea and Vera González. </ p>

Mask construction: Iria Roibás Esteve. </ p>

Costume design: Palomia Bravo. </ p>

Magic Advisor: Pepe Torres and Mago Nelo. </ p>

Video: Paula Iglesias and Irene Herrero. </ p>

Photography: Txuma Pérez </ p>

Acknowledgments: Elena Donzel, Ana Aguilar, Jon Sádaba and Andrea Pérez. </ p>


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