NOMINATION BEST DIRECTING. Valencian Stage Arts Awards 2019

The stage direction takes prominence in his professional career through the circus, where the role of the director is increasingly relevant.

One of his first interventions as a director is with "Potted" by La Trócola Circ, a circus show based on the investigation of space, movement, objects and rhythm. "Potted" has performed to date more than 200 functions both at the National and International levels. In this way, he becomes responsible for the direction of the company's productions and also presented "Emportats", with which they have received several recognitions and awards such as "Best Night Show of FETEN'18" and "Best circus show" at the Valencian Performing Arts Awards 2018.

With the Cía. Aérea Teatro, he changed register completely to create " De todas las bellas las más bellotas ", where the engine is the music, the vehicle the laughter and the fuel the humor.

He subsequently takes part in the direction or co-direction of numerous shows such as L'Engranatge de Cia. La Finestra Nou Circ or Seu-te! of the young company Minimal Acrobatics.

Thanks to his consolidated work in this area, the Diputación de Valencia through the Escalante Theater, offers the creation and direction of his first circus production "YOLO" to premiere in the Martín i Soler hall of the Palau de les Arts in Valencia.