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A tribute to farewells through circus, humour, music and poetry.

"You have to know how to say goodbye to be able to say hello". This is one of the starting points of this show. At a time when the whole of humanity is plunged into a pandemic, these two terms become more than ever a part of our lives. The routine hello and goodbye that we used to say to the neighbour, the concierge or the bus driver, disappeared for a while and took on a new value.

There are many kinds of farewells: from the one you do when you leave the city to go to university, a retirement or a bachelorette party. Or that exercise that I can no longer do because of my age or that singer who says goodbye on her last tour. Lucas and the rest of the artists participating in this production will investigate this concept through music, humour and circus.

Shhh! We can't wait to see this new work by Lucas Escobedo, this man from Alicante who makes us dream with each of his proposals, so magical, so heartfelt, so true.

Artistic sheet


Jesus Irimia "Xuspi

Alberto Soro

Enrique Navarro

Miguel Barreto

Irene Torrejon "Aicrag" Irene Torrejon "Aicrag" Gema Palazón

Gema Palazón

Raquel Sánchez

Artistic team

Direction and dramaturgy: Lucas Escobedo

Music: Raquel Sánchez

Assistant director: Andrea Pérez Bejarano

Lighting design: Manolo Ramírez

Costume design and production: Ana Esteban with the collaboration of Jorge Murillo

Set design: Joan Sabas

Set design: Carlos Pinto

Sound space: Dani Peral

Acrobatic technical direction: Vitaliy Motouzka and Andrea Pérez Bejarano

Light mace programming: Guillem Fluixà

Technical direction assistance: Marisol Limiñana

Make-up: Mar Vidal

Technical coordination IVC: Juan Gallego and Quique Ferrer

Executive Production IVC: Leonardo Santos

Assistant Director of Performing Arts IVC: Roberto García

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