You Only Live Once
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YOLO is a circus show for all audiences, which is full of energy, strength and rhythm. The live music and the performance of the different circus disciplines are related within a perfect score that give the piece coherence and solidity.

The play tells us about the difficulties and possibilities of effort and abandonment, of fear and daring, of defeat and triumph, of individualism and collectivity. With a clear pedagogical profile, YOLO is a piece that speaks of the different realities that we encounter along the way and places special emphasis on the support of the group, of the peers.

Dangerous jumps, impossible launches, infinite flights are just some of the ingredients that the spectator will surely not be able to forget. It is a risky and a unique proposal in our country, which will make a difference in the exploration of new languages without any doubt.

The rhythm of an exciting music composed expressly for the work, performed live, together with the precision in each movement, launch or jump, make up a perfect score that gives coherence and meaning to YOLO.

By assisting Company Lucas Escobedo's show YOLO, you are collaborating with Payasos Sin Fronteras! Thank you very much!

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L'Institut Valencià de Cultura ha col·laborat aportant 15.000€ per a la realització d'aquesta gira gràcies al programa d'ajudes per al foment de les arts escèniques per al sector del teatre i el circ.

Artistic sheet

Production: Teatre Escalante. Diputació de València

Direction and Original Idea: Lucas Escobedo

Director assistant: Joan Cusó

Musical composition and direction: Raquel Molano

Lyrics songs: Raquel Molano, José Agustín Goytisolo, Gabriel Celaya and tradition songs

Performers: Jana López, Marta Sánchez, Iván G Torre, Pablo Meneu, Pedro Torres, Raquel Molano and Lucas Escobedo

Lighting design: Juanjo Llorens

Lighting technician: Libe Aramburuzabala

Sound design: Eduardo Soriano

Sound technician: Óscar Guzmán

Scenography design: Luis Crespo

Engine driver: Álvaro Villahoz

Rigger: Pablo Meneu/ Sandro Spanu

Costume design: Amaya San Martín

Production in creation: Producirk

Production on tour: Compañía Lucas Escobedo

National distribution: Amadeo Vañó – Cámara Blanca

International distribution: Compañía Lucas Escobedo

Achnowledgements: Blanca Escobedo, Carlos Rodes, Laia Sales, David Sessarego, Giorgio Inserra, Plácido Militano and Edu Martínez


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