Room 801

Visual Theatre and Circus show where, without any doubt, “appearances can be deceptive”.
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Vicente, our main character, invites us kindly to his home, or perhaps we have entered without him taking any notice. Everything is completely ramshackle.

Once inside, we see Vicente running his daily routine, but this everyday panorama has nothing to do with what we could expect. Immediately he starts living hallucinatory experiences that make us travel from laughter to tears with extreme delicacy.

We will discover along with him, that he used to be a great artist; will it be today when he digs out all of those things that gave him so much success.

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Artistic sheet

Direction: Piero Steiner · Lucas Escobedo

Performer: Lucas Escobedo

Circus technical advisor: Cía. La Debacle

Advisor handling objects: Eduardo Guerrero

Construction of puppets: Martí Doy

Magic Advisor: Pepe Torres

Scenography: Ignacio de Antonio

Lighting Design: Juanjo Llorens

Dramaturgy: Cía. Lucas Escobedo

Sound Design: Sandra Vicente Perea

Costumes: Patipau Talavera · Raquel Ibort

Video and Photography: Mira Films

Voices in of: Carlos Alameda · M. Angel Anómalo

Graphic Design: Nuria Gondiaz


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